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Welcome to Woodbank - your source for high-quality reclaimed, salvage and FSC certified green wood products, and an experienced consultant to the high-end commercial and residential building trade.

Woodbank's resource management, consulting and marketing services make Woodbank unique in the green building industry.
Woodbank offers a wide range of green wood products, both in terms of provenance (reclaimed, salvage, FSC-certified) and type (timbers, lumber, siding, flooring, doors, millwork, and more). Our focus is specialty products for high-end commercial and residential construction. We cater to green building professionals, providing products that work for LEED, Green Point Rated and other green building systems. Many of our products are rescued and remanufactured by our own deconstruction and milling operations, with full chain-of-custody.
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Green Value Engineering™ combines design realization and resource development to produce whole project solutions. In many cases, we take the wood from log to finished product, overseeing all stages of milling, drying and manufacture.

Whether you're a supplier looking to develop new products and markets, or a buyer seeking the full range of product options (including budgetary as well as environmental considerations), Woodbank's consultancy can help.
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Woodbank offers superior reclaimed, salvage and green certified wood products, featuring the deep character, density and color variation that can't be duplicated artificially.
reclaimed wood flooring and lumber
rescued from existing structures, deconstructed and remanufactured into new products
salvage wood recycled products
raw logs obtained from urban and agricultural settings, waterways, etc., including standing dead
Green Certified
FSC certified wood building materials
harvested from forests and plantations strictly managed to environmental and other standards
Woodbank Ventures
linking developers and clients with advance purchase and storage of stranded wood resources
Featured Offering
1923 grain storage building in Idaho: old-growth Doug fir circle-sawn timbers, joists and planking

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